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crzeguy_02's Journal

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9, acceptance, adam sandler, aim, america, american beauty, american idol, audblog, bakersfield, bananna splits, baseball, basketball, beaches, black, blue, boston red sox, bowling, boxers, broadcasting, burger king, calendars, california, candy, cell phones, class of 2002, clothes, coldplay, computer, cosmic bowling, david letterman, dido, digital cameras, discovery health channel, dogs, dr.pepper, driving, dvd's, entertainment, entertainment news, fall, fastfood, fear factor, flip flops, fog, friends, gap, george lopez, google, greenday, hamsters, hannity and colmes, hats, india arie, internet, jamie and danny, jamie jack and stench, jay leno, jolly ranchers, juanes, late night t.v., lipton iced tea, livejournal, lost, maroon 5, masturbation, mcdonalds, money, movies, mp3's, mtv, mtv true life, music, my dog, napoleon dynamite, new york, news, night, no doubt, nokia, olives, outkast, pac sun, pepsi, photography, pictures, piercings, pizza, popcorn, pretzels, pumpkin pie, quicksilver, radio, rain, real world, reality t.v., republicans, road rules, roller blades, roller blading, roller coasters, santa barbara, sean hannity, september, september 9th, shoes, six flags, sleeping, smoking, snl, sour candy, spring, starbucks, subway, t-mobile, tapioca pudding, target, tattoos, tea, techno, the golden girls, the hives, the nanny, the osbournes, tina fey, trance, trixie, uno, vans, virgo, walking, walking my dog, weather, weather reports, webcams, weezer, weinerschnitzel, while you were out, white stripes, wifebeaters, will and grace, winterfresh gum, yahoo games